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The data obtained from the public COSMOSDB V2 service may be used by end-users for scientific research activities and purposes only. The DATA in its original or in any transformed format or any derivative work of it whether as a a whole or in parts should not be included in or used to build, generate, or create any commercial database and/or software.

As the COSMOSDB uses data from several sources, it is the sole responsibility of end-users to adhere to the terms of the original data providers:

  • Cosmetics Europe: The data used in this database is prepared by and for the scientific community. Correct interpretation of the data depends upon multiple factors, and should be used in the light of expert scientific interpretation.
  • US FDA: U.S. Food and Drug Administration data included in COSMOS (1) are not safety determinations with respect to specific food additives or GRAS ingredients, (2) do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. government, and (3) should not be construed as FDA guidance or policy.
  • Chemical structures and compound information, including registry numbers and names were kindly provided by CERES, P&G and DSSTox.